(5) Openings for position of State Fire Instructor in Erie County

Erie County Emergency Services and NYS OFPC Announce (5) Openings for position of State Fire Instructor in Erie County

Please submit a resume, including your OFPC student ID number, to bbenstead@dhses.ny.gov by Friday April 11, 2014 0800 hours to be considered for invitation to the SFI Candidate Assessment Center scheduled for April 21 through 23 at the Erie County Emergency Services Training and Operations Center, 3359 Broadway, Cheektowaga.

State Fire Instructors Requirements

The minimum qualifications for appointment to this position are:

  • Five years of experience as a firefighter.
  • Have at least two years’ experience as an instructor of routine fire training skills at the company officer level.
  • Have completed the following courses in the State Fire Training Program (or equivalent training program)*
  • Firefighter 1
    • Equivalents: Firefighting Essentials and Initial Fire Attack or Basic and Intermediate Firefighter or National Certification NFPA 1001, Firefighter I
  • Apparatus Operator Pump or Apparatus Operator Aerial Devices
    • Equivalents: Pump Operator course or Ladder Company Operations or National Certification in accordance with NFPA 1002
  • Introduction to Fire Officer
    • Equivalents: Fire Department Management and Operations or Preparing for Command or National certification NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I.
  • Fire Service Instructor 1
    • Equivalents: National certification NFPA 1041 Fire Instructor I


*Depending on an individual’s qualifications, equivalencies may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Appropriate certificates from IFSAC or Pro Board


State Fire Instructors Duties

Individuals appointed to the position of SFI must be able to perform the following


1. Conduct fire training course as a lead instructor, delivered at county fire training centers or local fire stations as scheduled by the CFC or Deputy County Fire Coordinator for Training (DCFCT) or a representative of OFPC FSB.

2. Instruct a minimum of 175 course contact hours annually as scheduled by the CFC/DCFCT.

3. Act as an additional instructor/safety officer for courses with live fire training evolutions.

4. Act as an additional instructor for courses designated with skills lessons.

5. Complete administrative reports concerning student attendance and participation.

6. Maintain course schedule, submit instructor report cards, schedule/location change notices as required and submit payroll vouchers on a monthly basis.

7. Pass a respiratory medical exam or submit a statement of fitness to use self-contained breathing apparatus. The statement of fitness shall be on a form specified by OFPC, signed by a medical doctor stating that the individual can use a full face piece respirator, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), as specified in 29 CFR 1910.134; the date of exam; and when the next exam is required. The candidate must maintain this certification as a condition of employment.

8. Possess the motor skills and physical dexterity to demonstrate firefighting skills such as search techniques, using SCBA, hose drags and carries, ladder raises and carries, and use of various tools and appliances as outlined in course curricula and the Administrative Guide for the Outreach Training Program.

9. Attend instructor certification conferences at least once every two years to receive instructor certification in designated courses.

10. Attend annual instructor certification conferences to receive safety training as required by 29 CFR 1910.156 and 1910.134. Maintain state issued equipment and report condition, defects, damage or malfunctions to appropriate FSB staff members.

11. Follow all policies and procedures required by OFPC and the State Of New York.


Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor
Bryant Stevens, State Fire Administrator

1220 Washington Ave.
State Office Campus, Bldg. 7A, Floor 2
Albany, NY 12242


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