ESU Launches Credentialing System

To Erie County First Response Agencies

The safety of our emergency first responder community is always one of the top priorities for Erie County Emergency Services. We are pleased to announce a new service from Emergency Services that has many benefits to the fire/EMS services, Law Enforcement and Emergency Management agencies: an Emergency First Responder Credentialing System.

This optional system, made available through Homeland Security funding, will provide a standardized color coded ID Tag that will contain the certification and identity of designated emergency first responders.  This will ensure that response personnel “possess a minimum common level of training, experience, and capability” for the respective role that they are assigned within their department.

This will be very beneficial to the Incident Command staff when personnel resources are requested to assist another jurisdiction in a response.  The requested personnel will be known to be adequately trained and skilled, in addition to providing on-scene accountability.

This ID Tag is the visible evidence of an individual’s qualifications. It will identify the holder quickly and easily with the holder’s name, agency name and photo. It is verifiable, with a unique identifier number, and capable of being read electronically by Erie County Emergency Services or agencies who would like to read personnel data and track them on-scene and off-scene, pull up medical information, emergency contact info, would minimally need a handheld device.

Handheld devices can be purchased through LINSTAR (on NYS Contract). The cost is around $3400.00. This capability would allow agencies to use the handhelds to manage on-scene accountability.  Agencies could request those reports after synching the information from Erie County Emergency Services.  Agencies could also purchase the Emergency Event Manager software and run their own reports as well or use the Asset Management System.  Contact Molly Schrock at LINSTAR directly for more information about those options.

If you would like more information regarding this system, please refer to our website at 

The use of this program will help increase the level of emergency preparedness and fill the need for a first responder credentialing system.


Daniel Neaverth
Commissioner of Emergency Services


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