TRAINING: 26 New Courses Announced

The initial spring training schedule has been posted to
This schedule includes 26 new courses including:
  • Firefighter 1
  • Firefighter 2
  • Fire Police
  • Truck Company Operations
  • Water Rescue Ops
  • Principles of Instruction
  • Accident Victim Extrication Training
  • DP-WMD Awareness
  • Firefighter Survival
  • FAST
  • Highway Safety Awareness
Please note that this just the initial Spring training offering and more will be added soon, once the dust settles on the five (5) concurrently running Firefighter 1 courses announced herein.
We are very happy to report that according to arson background check data compiled by our Erie County Sheriffs Office, at least 600 new volunteers were recruited into your Erie County Volunteer Fire Departments in 2012. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our state and county fire instructors and the supporting fire departments, we were able to deliver twelve (12) Firefighter 1 courses in 2012 and we plan to maintain or increase that goal as recruitment statistics and training requests indicate.
For your information, per Erie County Fire Advisory Board directives, Firefighter 1 courses are scheduled:
  • By Fire Control area
  • By need determined from feedback provided by your local/regional chiefs organizations
  • Located by recency and frequency of course offerings in that area

Therefore, attendance in these courses becomes very competitive. The hosting fire department is guaranteed up to 4 seats (out of a maximum 24), followed in priority by the other fire deparments under the respective fire control. If additional confirmed or alternate seats are still available, students will be then be selected from outside that fire control area.

Therefore, it is imperative that applications for students in hosting fire controls are submitted within one week after the initial course offering is published, and that ALL FIREFIGHTER 1 APPLICATIONS ARE PRIORITIZED. How you prioritize their participation is up to you.
Please ensure that every application has a priority number identified in the upper right hand corner of the application. Identifying each applicant’s priority number as “2 of 5” or “X of X” tells us how many applications we should be expecting from your fire company. This allows us to identify students as confirmed, alternate or declined as appropriate. Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.
Applications are being accepted now. Applications can be downloaded from Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at:
Please read all of the notes below, download the appropriate documents and share them with your recruits. Start submitting standard training course applications and NYS OFPC training authorization forms immediately. 

Please download the current version of the Standard Training Course Application (see below) and destroy all old copies. Course hosts have one week after the schedule is published to submit their course applications after which time, applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

A completed and signed NYS OFPC Training Authorization Form should accompany all applications for hands-on courses.


Individual course registration confirmations are not faxed or emailed out to students. Rosters are posted as student registrations are compiled for the particular class, and only after the minimum number of registrations have been received. Rosters are updated periodically as registrations are received, as a course is full, or as the registration deadline has passed. Rosters for each course are posted to:


Those attending Firefighter 1 courses should note the dates of the mandatory orientation for each course which must be attended by the student, accompanied by a chief or training officer.

The Delmar Firefighter’s Handbook on Essentials of Firefighting and Emergency Response-Third Edition are required at the first class and are available through the Fire Safety Office at a cost of $95 each.

Students confirmed as attending Firefighter 1 courses should download, review, and share the Student Packet with their officers prior to attending orientation.

Be sure to include your e-mail address and cell or other phone number on your application to ensure effective communications as the roster is posted and important course information must be distributed.


Please be sure to have all firefighters and first responders subscribe to “The Training Ground” eNewsletter to receive advance notice of training opportunities and connect with us via, on our Facebook page at:, and via our Twitter feed:

Download: 1063-Emergency Services Training Course Application

Download: Firefighter 1 Student Packet-090805

Download: NYS OFPC Training Authorization Form

Download, Print and Post our Web Poster to encourage all firefighters to sign up to receive advance notice of training and other opportunities!


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