TRAINING: Emergency Escape System TTT

Emergency Escape System: Train-the-Trainer Course #8Z12001 Starts Thursday 1/26/12 at 7pm at Hamburg FD.

Course runs: Thursday – 1/26/12 7pm-10pm Saturday – 1/26/12 8am-2pm

Course Description: Emergency Escape System: Train-the-Trainer course is designed to prepare fire department training staff  to conduct emergency escape system training in compliance with the requirements of 12 NYCRR 800.7 Emergency Escape Ropes and System Components for Firefighters.

Individuals attending this program will be trained to conduct initial and in-service training for exiting a window at elevation with the use of an emergency escape system. The course will focus on the requirements for conducting this training and will not address vendor specific emergency escape systems.

Completion of this course does not authorize individuals to issue NYS OFPC training certificates. The authority and responsibility for conducting emergency escape system training remains with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Student Participation Requirements: This course is intended for those individuals assigned to conduct emergency escape system training for their agency. Attendance will be limited to 2-3 members per department. A completed Training Authorization Letter is required, and prior completion of the Firefighter Survival course is required and completion of Rescue Technician – Basic and previous instructor training is strongly recommended.

This course includes a significant “hands-on” practical component which includes exiting a window utilizing an emergency escape system and operation of belay (i.e. safety) systems.

Emergency Escape System use: Use of any agency supplied emergency escape system or components by participants may be allowed at the discretion of the lead instructor. This equipment must be clearly designated for training use only and written approval for its use during this course must be provided by the Chief Fire Official of the AHJ. Only equipment or components provided by OFPC or approved by the lead instructor will be utilized.

Course Completion Requirements: Students must attend all course units and successfully complete all skills testing to receive a certificate and credit for the course.

Course Number: 8Z12001

Course Length: (3) three hour units, 9 hours total.

Class Size: 10 Minimum – 18 Maximum.

Pre-requisite: NYS Firefighter Survival


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